We provide the best emergency care through our well-equipped ambulance services along with personal help across hospitals. We use advanced medical equipments which are not only reliable but offer compassionate patient care.

Our ambulances are specially designed to respond to emergency calls, to people who are critically ill, child & women in need, senior citizens and accident victims.

DIAL4242 is all about people helping people. We always apply the latest technology to help our team help the people in need.

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Types of ambulances

Basic ambulance

Covers all basic medical needs of transporting patients from home to hospital & back for checkups and/or discharge. Equipped with basic life support, first aid & medical kits.

ICU ambulance

Well-equipped ambulances staffed by highly trained paramedics dispatched to emergency situations where patients require a higher level of support & care as compared to basic ambulance.

deadbody ambulance

For transportation of dead body to the cremation area in the most organized manner, these ambulances are equipped with devices to regulate the proper temperature of the corpse.

Pediatric ambulance

Exclusively designed, pediatric ambulance offers fast, reliable & comfortable medical care and protocols for the safe transport of children patients. It is equipped with incubator, ventilator, emergency medicines & para medical staff.

outstation ambulance

We offer effective outstation ambulance services for taking a patient to another city. Dispatching & transporting of the deceased is done with proper freezing facilities to keep the human remains away from decomposition for long and outstation journey.

air ambulance

Our Air Ambulances are equipped with state-of-the-art medical facilities and comprises of a medical team along with a crew that consists of a critical care trained flight paramedic which have the highest level of training and experience in the industry.

pet ambulance

Our Pet ambulance services take good care of your lovely pets during emergency with proper medical aid, treatment & emergency transportation.

wheelchair ambulance

It is fitted with world class equipment and driven by team of professional drivers which will help you commute from one destination to another.