billion first aid responders

“Each and every person needs and ambulance and you never know when an emergency strikes. In any advanced country, people are well aware of handling emergency situations which is not the case in India. We think it is important for everyone to be aware of it and hence, our #BillionFirstAidResponders programs aims to address various colleges/societies/corporates and training them on how to be a first aid responder.”

To take this ahead, quite a few CPR & First Aid trainings were conducted by us at various colleges, hospitals, companies across Mumbai and even for ambulance drivers who can help patients in cardiac emergencies.

CPR trainings can provide the skills needed to help save lives, and it requires no certification. Thus, our aim is to create #BillionFirstAidResponders by training them completely on the technical aspects of first aid, i.e., different types of injuries and how to administer first aid, that is specific to the type of injury. Along with the technical session, practical demonstrations are also shown and CPR training is given with the help of demonstration on a mannequin.

You can be one of the #BillionFirstAidResponders too! For more information, call us on 1860 20 4242