About us

DIAL4242, India's biggest app based ambulance network is built to deliver the best in emergency care to people across the nation through its ambulance services that is not only limited to emergencies, but can be used by a patient to schedule check-ups & appointments or simply to get home after being discharged from hospital. The mobile app connects users to emergency facilities by providing timely ambulance service when required. With just one click or a call, a patient can have our associated ambulances at the location of their choice.

DIAL4242 is on a journey to change this paradigm where emergency ambulance services take a back seat.

This medical emergency platform will help the citizens to book an ambulance using a mobile app and track the vehicle once it is assigned and predict the time when it will reach the desired venue. The fare paid for the ambulance will be predictable and the user will have a very seamless experience at the time when his or her mind is in turmoil due to the emergency happening in the household. DIAL4242 is a start-up by 2 individuals, one from technology background and another one from the advertising/digital media background.

Our strength lies in the fact that we put more care into all aspects related to health, first through getting the ambulance to the patient on time and for the right price and then ensuring that doctors, nurses, medical equipment will be made available to the people in a seamless manner. We have set ourselves on a mission to create healthy tomorrows by putting people first.

So, in case of medical emergency, we can encourage people to just DIAL4242!

vision, mission & values

Our Vision is to drive excellence in healthcare.

Our Mission is to provide quality emergency medical care through its ambulance service app & evolve as one of the top nationwide emergency response system.

We also strive to enable the citizens of India to improve their health, safety and quality of life with progressive healthcare facilities we provide.

Our Values

    We live our mission and vision by practicing these values:
  • Respect for people
  • Search for excellence
  • Professional standards of behaviour
  • Loyalty & Integrity
  • Safety