Dial4242 Global

Dial4242 Global is a subsidiary of Dial4242 in India. It is an Ambulance ERP, designed as Software as a Service (SaaS) platform and is for usage by any Ambulance Operator. It has both Mobile and web components, available 24x7, from anywhere in the world. It is an end to end platform, right from when the call is received for service by an ambulance operator to tracking of the vehicles to generating invoices and reconciliation.

Access control and data

  • Manage drivers
  • Manage rates
  • Different types of Ambulances
  • Hospitals outsourcing

Booking & Tracking

  • App trips, Manual trips, Targeted trips
  • Enquiry creation
  • Send tracking linnk to user


  • Trip reports
  • Dashboards
  • Accounts
  • Insurance

About the product

No Upfront Investment

All you need is what you have already like desktop/laptop and mobile devices

Easy To Use

Easy and quick end to end controls for your ambulance services

Pay as you go

The most economical product as you pay only for what you use

Ready To Use

We will provide with training and as soon as initial configuration is done, be a hero with our SaaS product

Anytime, Anywhere

You can manage your fleet of ambulances all from your mobile phone anytime and from anywhere

#Dial4242 is a product platform which is available in a SaaS configuration for any ambulance owner who wants to use the platform. It is easy to use and has all the features ambulance owners need to carry out their business. The platform has 2 parts – mobile apps and web application. The mobile apps help in booking and tracking of the vehicles and web applications helps maintain all the records of the trips that are done by each and every vehicle.

Product features

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are used for rates, booking, tracking and execution of the trips. The 3 mobile apps are Booking App, Driver App and the Owner app. They have various features which help the trip execution & overall management.

Web Apps

The web application has a key role to play as a part of the overall platform. All the information about the trips is stored here. You can also do parameter setting, access levels, billing, receivables tracking etc using the web application.


As the platform is available in SaaS model, Dial4242 bears the cost of the infrastructure and support
and Ambulance Operator only pays for the usage of the platform.

Both the options are very economical and is not at all the burden on the finances of the ambulance operator

Monthly Pricing

Pay flat fee per month based on the size of your ambulance fleet.

Pay Per Trip

Pay flat fee per trip
done through the platform

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